Upcoming Crypto Airdrops in 2018

Cryptocurrency Airdrops – Free Cryptocurrency

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List of Upcoming Cryptocurrency Airdrops 2018

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What is a Cryptocurrency Airdrop?

Airdrops are kind of free cryptocurrency giveaway. Blockchain projects distribute free tokens, usually ethereum tokens to grow its subscriber base across social media.

Since these airdrop tokens can be exchanged for ethereum, one can get ethereum for free when he applies for airdrops.

Of-course you need to complete the sign up and maybe complete certain social media tasks to earn free ethereum.

On our airdrop website airdrops.me we list latest and upcoming crypto airdrops. 

We also send airdrop alert to our subscribers so that you always have the chance to get free tokens of best upcoming cryptocurrency.

I hope this explains to you what is airdrop crypto.

What is airdrop coins?

Airdrop coins are the free cryptocurreny dropped by the blockchain projects. These are usually tokens based on ethereum blockchain or some other smart contract blockchain such as NEO. Though, NEO airdrop coins are less popular.

How to get free coins?

There are three major ways to earn free tokens of new cryptocoins.

1. First is by completing bounties on bitcointalk forum

2. Second is by applying to airdrops, which I think is a good way to get upcoming cryptocurrency.

3. Third is cryptocurrency forks, here you earn free tokens only if a new upcoming cryptocurrency makes an announcement.

A new crypto coin is created from an existing blockchain, you can also say it is a blockchain split.

Cryptocurrency Airdrops vs Cryptocurreny forks

The Cryptocurrency forks are little different from crypto airdrops in a way that free coins from forks usually come to your concurrency wallet directly.

Btw, we recommend you go for MEW wallet or Mist as both are ERC-20 compatible.

In Airdrop you need to complete bounties to earn free tokens, while in crypto forks all you have to do is hold a crypto coin such as ether or bitcoin.

What are Crypto Faucets?

Crypto Faucets are another way to earn tokens for free. The payouts however are very low, it only makes sense if you can do it everyday for long period of time.

How to get Airdrop alert?

Do you know that you can earn tokens for free by applying airdrop from the list on our crypto website. You can be a part of our crypto mailing list by subscribing to our email in the menu. You will get regular email updates on upcoming crypto airdrops, something to add on to your ERC-20 wallet!

We will help you earn free tokens by explaining you how to complete these airdop tasks. Also, you can get airdrop alerts from our airdrop telegram channel.

The best way to stay updated is to bookmark this Crypto Airdrops website. Additionally you should:

Get Airdrop Alert on Telegram:  https://t.me/bigairdrops

Subscribe to our airdrop crypto mailing listhttps://airdrops.me/getupdates

What is an Ethereum airdrop?

To get Ethereum free is like a dream. And the only way to make this work is by holding airdrop coins and then exchanging it to get free ether tokens.

Note that there has been some very successful airdrops in the past certain altcoins made a killing for their holders. Imagine holding such krypto token, if you had them you could essentially have free ETH in your wallet balance.

There is one more way to earn free ethereum and that is by trading these airdrop crypto token.

How to get airdrop coins in big amount?

Most of the airdrops require you to sign up before giving your free crypto token.

And as soon as you sign up you will receive a personal url. This is a referral url that you can share and when someone joins with your reference you will get free tokens. Later you can either sell these airdrop coins and tokens or exchange (e.g. Binance) them for real Ether tokens.

As a airdrops website, we have written a guide on where to share your airdrop referral link.

List of airdrop coins in 2018

On the top of this post you will see a list of upcoming cryptocurrency. Visit this airdrop website everyday to get updates on upcoming cryptocurrency. This is the easiest way to find new coins.